Office of Banks and Real Estate: Mortgage Corporation Examination Files, 1997-2002
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Examinations of residential mortgage corporations analyze these companies’ procedures, techniques, and activities to determine if mandatory corrective actions were necessary.  Files generally include summaries of examination results and procedures; synopsis of the examination report’s scope; descriptions of violations of laws and regulations noted in the current and prior examination periods, with any corrective actions taken; reviews of the corporation’s financial condition including its net worth and income, assets, liabilities, loans held for sale, and real estate owned; the number of loans used as samples in the examination in order to test the corporation’s loan documentation, brokerage, or origination practices; overviews of the corporation’s operations including the numbers of loan applications and brokered loans granted during the reporting period; copies of examination notice letters mailed to the corporation, with a list of information to be tested; list of examination procedures; and compliance questionnaires. Also variously included in the files are corporation policy and operational statements (e.g., business hours, loan borrowing policies); computer disks containing examination documentation; advertisements; copies of the corporation’s “Certificate of Good Standing” filed with the Secretary of State; listings of branch offices; business cards of corporation officials; organizational charts; notes on whether a corporation’s license was later surrendered, suspended, revoked, or rendered inactive;and other relevant disclosure documents and correspondence.

Before June 1996 this record series was filed with the Commissioner of Savings and Loan Associations. See RS 410.007.

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Record Series Number: 409/012
Created by: Office of Banks and Real Estate - RG 409
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Arrangement: Roughly chronological by corporation name.
Biographical Note for Office of Banks and Real Estate - RG 409:

The Commissioner of Banks and Trust Companies, appointed by the Governor, was established in 1965 to license, examine, and regulate state-chartered banks and trust companies (L. 1965, p. 2019). The commissioner was responsible for the administration of the Illinois Trust Company Act of 1887 and the Illinois Banking Act of 1955. The commissioner received financial reports from institutions, appointed persons to examine the institutions, collected fees from the institutions to provide for the administrative expenses of his office, and ruled on applications for charters, mergers, conversions, consolidations, changes of location, and dissolutions. These duties previously were performed by the Department of Financial Institutions and, prior to the department's creation in 1957, by the Auditor of Public Accounts.

Before 1986, the commissioner also served as chairman of the eleven-member Board of Banks and Trust Companies which made, altered, and amended rules and regulations proposed by the commissioner, required reports from and made recommendations to the commissioner, and submitted proposals for amendments to the Illinois Banking Act. On January 1, 1986, this board was renamed the State Banking Board of Illinois and its membership increased to fifteen members including the commissioner. The board’s powers were expanded to include conducting hearings and making administrative rulings against institutions charged with unsafe or unsound financial or business practices (P.A. 84-905, pp. 5756-5775). In 2000, board membership increased further to seventeen members (P.A. 91-798, pp. 1306-1307).

Also in 1986 the commissioner assumed additional chairmanship duties for four newly created administrative bodies in his office. The five-member Illinois Bank Examiners Education Foundation reviewed and evaluated professional development programs for the office’s examination personnel, while overseeing an endowment fund to pay for these programs (P.A. 84-1127, pp. 313-331). The eleven-member Illinois Electronic Fund Transfer Advisory Committee, the nine-member Illinois Electronic Data Processing Advisory Committee, and the nine-member Illinois Fiduciary Advisory Committee promoted and made recommendations to the commissioner concerning the administration, examination, safety, and supervision of these respective banking services (P.A. 84-905, pp. 5756-5775).

On June 1, 1996, the powers, duties, and responsibilities of the Commissioner of Banks and Trust Companies were merged with those of the Office of Savings and Residential Finance, creating the Office of Banks and Real Estate (Executive Order 96-1, pp. 4128-4131). In 2004, the Office of Banks and Real Estate itself was consolidated with the Department of Financial Institutions, Department of Insurance, and the Department of Professional Regulation to create the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (Executive Order 2004-6, pp. 5173-5183).

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