Department of Transportation: St. Louis Metropolitan Airport Authority Files, 1948; 1968-1983
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Brief Description: Files concern the feasibility of a major airport within Illinois and the St. Louis metropolitan area, the establishment of an airport authority to explore possibilities, and investigation findings. Included are projection and impact studies, copies of newspaper and periodical articles, grant applications, proposals for facilities, and related memoranda and correspondence. An airport authority was formed to serve the Columbia and Waterloo area before the project was abandoned in 1980.
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Record Series Number: 242/056
Created by: Department of Transportation - RG 242
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The Department of Public Works and Buildings was created by the Civil Administrative Code of 1917. It assumed varied responsibilities including supervision of state highways, waterways and water resources, parks, printing, supply and equipment purchases, and construction of state facilities (L. 1917, p. 24). This department was the successor to agencies which had overseen the state's highways and waterways systems. The State Highway Department, created in 1913 to supervise highways and bridges constructed or maintained in whole or in part with the aid of state monies, was absorbed by the new department (L. 1913, p. 521). The Illinois and Michigan Canal Commissioners, the Rivers and Lakes Commission, and the Illinois Waterway Commission, all were absorbed by the Department of Public Works and Buildings and became the Waterways Division with responsibility for managing, constructing, maintaining, and planning state public waterways and water resources (L. 1917, p. 24). In 1925 the Waterways Division was relocated in the Department of Purchases and Construction but was returned to the Department of Public Works and Buildings in 1933 (L. 1925, p. 598 and L. 1933, p. 1073).

The Department of Transportation was created in 1972. The Highway and Waterways Divisions of the defunct Department of Public Works and Buildings were transferred to it (with the latter renamed the Division of Water Resources). The new Department of Transportation also was charged with developing mass transportation planning and policy (P.A. 77-153, pp. 284-294). In 1973 the Department of Aeronautics was abolished and its responsibilities were transferred to a newly created division in the Department of Transportation (P.A. 78-479, pp. 1384-1387). Traffic Safety became a division in the Department of Transportation in 1977 (P.A. 80-1016, p. 2937). In 1995, the powers of the Division of Water Resources in the Department of Transportation were transferred to the newly created Department of Natural Resources (P. A. 89-50, pp. 1388-1392).

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PreferredCitation: Department of Transportation, "St. Louis Metropolitan Airport Authority Files," Record Series 242.056, Illinois State Archives