Department of Aeronautics: Executive Air Transportation Section Flight Log Sheets, 1961-1969
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Brief Description: Log sheets for each flight list date; aircraft number; type of flight; names of pilot, copilot, and station; time zone; times of departure and arrival; amount of day and night flying times; amount of fuel and oil consumed; and engines' mechanical measurements.
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Record Series Number: 215/012
Created by: Department of Aeronautics - RG 215
Volume: 3.5 Cubic Feet
Arrangement: Mainly random by airplane number.
Biographical Note for Department of Aeronautics - RG 215:

The Illinois Aeronautics Commission was created in 1931 (L. 1931, p. 194). The commission's duties included supervision over aeronautical activities and facilities within the state and registration of all pilots and aircraft. The commission continued in existence until the Illinois Aeronautics Act of 1945 created the Department of Aeronautics (L. 1945, p. 334). This act empowered the department to establish procedures and regulations to augment and strengthen laws and regulations of the Federal Aviation Agency and the Civil Aeronautics Board. Among its responsibilities were the enforcement of the Aircraft Financial Responsibility Law; the approval and continuous surveillance of the state's commercial airports, heliports, and restricted landing areas; the investigation of accidents and prosecution of flagrant air safety regulation violators; the registration of pilots and aircraft; and the review of plans submitted by airport sponsoring bodies.

The Engineering Section of the department had responsibility for supervising and advising on the construction of air facilities; the Executive Air Transportation Section supplied aircraft and personnel to the Governor and other state officials for their travels. The Board of Aeronautical Advisors, chaired by the director of the department, served as an advisory group. In 1973 the Department of Aeronautics was abolished and its responsibilities were transferred to the newly created Division of Aeronautics under the Department of Transportation (P.A. 78-479, pp. 1384-1387).

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PreferredCitation: Department of Aeronautics, "Executive Air Transportation Section Flight Log Sheets," Record Series 215.012, Illinois State Archives.